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Our dog kennels have the best garden to dog ratio of any dog kennel in Melbourne!

So why should your dog be confined to its accommodation/sleeping area for this period of time when it is away boarding? With only 2 hours or less to be active!

Holidays are meant to be fun!!!

With over 35 garden areas, it does not take a mathematician to work out that Bayside Pet Centre has the best garden to dog ratio of any dog boarding kennel in Melbourne! This equates to the doggy equivalent of fun in the park and it is… All day fun!

Our guests are not just confined to their kennel during their stay – nor do we expect you to pay extra for them to run and play!

We actually love our guests to be out in a garden and socialising with a compatible friend all day, every day – to wander, sniff, sleep and play! We have lots of fun watching them playing and rolling about!

All of Bayside Pet Centre’s guests appreciate and enjoy the grassed garden areas. What luxury! … also what a great social opportunity … A total playtime must for “single dogs” or “Inner living high rise dogs”!

Bayside Pet Centre specialises in first time and long term boarders.

Please let us know any special requirements your pet may have when you make your booking.

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Our pricing is based on per dog, per day, regardless of breed. Price will include all day garden access and indoor accommodation. Sleeping accommodation is heated during Winter and Autumn months.

We understand that sometimes your pet might get sick, so we offer to administer most medication for FREE! If you require more information or have any questions about medication, please call our office for more details.

Dietary Requirements

Any diets supplied that need to be refrigerated will incur a storage and handling charge of $10 per day.


For guests staying more than 14 nights, if you request a photograph of your dog via email, the first photograph is complimentary. Any subsequent photos requested will be charged at $15.00 per photo.

For guests staying under 14 nights photographs are $15.00 each.

Pick Up & Delivery Services

Please ask about Bayside Pet Centre’s air-conditioned PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE available weekdays. (POA) For more information please contact our office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A1: C5 Vaccination certificate
Medications/instruction sheet (If any)
Special diet/instruction sheet (If any)
A2: No, Bayside Pet Centre provides all bowls, bedding and food, unless your dog is on a special diet, for health reasons. Our sleeping quarters are clean, warm and enclosed. We provide all bedding, enabling us to keep the environment hygienic. Toys will not be necessary as there will be a friendly companion found for your pet. Your pet will be able to enjoy it’s toys once he or she returns home.
A3: Yes! Dogs do tend to pick up on owner’s tensions, worries and stress levels! Most times we find people will say that their dogs may fret, however the tension and fretting is mostly on the owner’s part! We commonly find that once the owner leaves and their dog comes into the complex, hears other dogs barking and smells all new and exciting smells, it soon forgets that it was worried (mainly it’s owner’s anxiety!).

As we move closer to its accommodation/garden area, the dog will start to pull on lead and get really excited as it begins to adapt to its home away from home.

It’s pace will quicken once it hears and sees other dogs in surrounding garden areas. It will be so excited to get into its own area as quickly as possible and to meet it’s new friend! Tail will be wagging at a million miles an hour! In the meantime, dog’s poor owner has to sit in their car, or on a plane for hours! (I do believe that their dog got the better deal!!!) P.S. NO, we only board dogs not humans!

A4: No. Your dog will probably want to stay with us then and there! On a more serious note, we do not allow dogs into the kennel facility until the day they are to board with us and only after we have confirmed their C5 vaccination status. When you come through for an inspection, you will be able to see our facility and decide whether you would like your pet to be our guest.
A5: No, unless your dog is on a special diet for medical reasons, we provide all food. Please refer to Dining Menu for our menu.
A6: Yes, there are foods out there which we (humans) can eat and digest relatively safely, but are not at all suitable for our dogs. If you are not sure about your pet’s diet, please check with your vet for further advice. Some foods not meant for dogs are: Chocolate, Grapes/raisins, Mushrooms, Onions, Alcohol, Ham (Also beware of fatty marrow bones).
A7: Yes, dogs do get tired. They exercise more here than in most boarding kennels, and in many instances, more than they would at home. Many dogs get bored and sleep all day in their backyard at home. At Bayside Pet Centre, we have them out for most of the day in one of many garden areas, so they have lots of exercise, socialization and stimulation. Dogs generally bounce back once they have caught up on their sleep and rest (usually between 2-3 days).