Pet Boarding Kennel Accommodation

Your pet will enjoy its stay at our pet boarding kennel.

Bayside Pet Centre has dedicated Small and Large pet kennel areas. Your pet’s accommodation is HEATED during cooler months at NO extra charge.

Fully insulated – cozy in winter and cool in summer!

All of Bayside Pet Centre’s sleeping accommodation is indoors. All guests have garden access all day. Some kennels call this their premium accommodation and will charge accordingly. At Bayside Pet Centre ALL of our guests have premium accommodation at no extra charge. At Bayside Pet Centre your dog will be able to play all day, have fresh air and lounge in the sun.

Bayside Pet Centre, a touch of country close to your suburb!

For older, clipped or short haired dogs jackets are welcome in cooler months i.e. Autumn/Winter. Jackets will need to be clearly marked with your dog’s name.

Cleaned daily

All bedding is provided by Bayside Pet Centre and all areas are hygienically cleaned daily.

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Guest requirements as follows:

C5 (5 components): Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and also Para Influenza and Bordatella (the 2 Canine Coughs).

C6 and C7 are new and acceptable vaccines.

Full vaccinations must be given by your vet on a yearly (12 month) basis.

All vaccinations (whether injections or intranasal) should be given with a minimum of two weeks prior to boarding, so that full immunization is gained before entry into our kennels.

Please note that at Bayside Pet Centre, we are extremely strict with our vaccination policy (without exception). We do not accept unvaccinated animals. This also includes dogs freshly vaccinated for the first time, within the two week period prior to boarding.


Dining Menu

Entree of dried high protein chicken flavoured biscuits will arouse your dog’s hearty appetite.

THEN, for a main, we serve steamed chicken and rice, delicately flavoured with herbs.

Both are Preservative free, so even the most diligent connoisseur will appreciate these tasty dishes.

Special Diets

Should your pet require its own specially formulated meal, Bayside Pet Centre is happy to serve up any meals you have supplied. Any dry/dog biscuits must be in airtight containers. Pre-prepared meals should be able to be frozen and thawed and should be stored in plastic freezer bags.

Any diets supplied that need to be refrigerated will incur a storage and handling charge of $10 per day.


If your pet is on any medications, Bayside Pet Centre can continue to administer them during its stay. We will require clearly labelled medications and an instruction sheet which will include dosage and administering details (am/pm etc).

There is no charge for administering tablets, drops, ointments etc; however a fee for injections will apply.